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Sometimes Photography is Yummy.

I can remember the day I heard that Shatto Milk Company was launching a line of ice cream sandwiches. I knew they were going to be marvelous and I fully enjoyed being a part of this tasty debut. The sandwich packaging was shot on white seamless, so all that was required on the background was a bit of cleanup and some level boosting. The shadow from the packaging gave the sandwich some dimension, so it was left in. Some of the packages needed to have the creases taken out or reduced, so there were compositions used for that task. Some careful manipulation was used to align the packaging comps that didn’t line up perfectly. Yay liquify tool!

The shot of the ice cream package in between the two cookies was a result of combining three images. The cookie wasn’t large enough to cover the whole top of the package, so I blended all three positions of the cookie to create one big one. It wasn’t too hard because the texture and color of the cookie was fairly easy to blend. The last thing to remove was the reflection coming off of the plexiglass. It was easy since the ice cream and cookies were shot on white. Simple and sweet!


Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Author: Adam Caselman

Retoucher: Adam Caselman

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Client: Sullivan Higdon and Sink/Shatto Milk