the dogs

One of the fun parts of having your own business is getting to play by your rules, and for this I get to bring my dogs to studio every day, every stinking day. It's great fun to do it and I love being able to spend time with them and getting to share them with our clients.

Working around dogs is the best.

 Baxter and Finnegan and Boo and Hank and Bell

Baxter and Finnegan and Boo and Hank and Bell

Our Dogs

Many people have accused Alistair of being a mongrel. Perhaps that’s why he feels so at home in his studio surrounded by his pack of mutts (the actual four-legged kind, not his employees). Currently Alistair’s studio pack includes five lively dogs of all ages, breeds and ownership. 

There’s Baxter, Alistair’s demure and shy sidekick. Baxter is known as “the responsible one” by everyone who spends time in the studio. His assignments include teaching the young pups the ropes and keeping the studio’s books in order.

Boo, Lisa’s dog, is the sensitive one of the bunch. He loves hugs and cuddles. Despite his tender exterior, Boo is somewhat of an escape artist, so when he is around we must keep the door locked (even then we’ve caught him with a set of picks on more than one occasion).

Then there’s poor Finnegan, whose mother had to move from the South to save her honor from a certain Labrador who shall remain nameless. Finnegan is full of both piss and vinegar (don’t worry, he’s house broken). Life is a game to him, and he is full of boundless energy.

Finally there are Bill’s two dogs, Hank the Tank and sweet little Belle (obviously his wife’s dog). Hank the Tank is officially the most photographed dog in the studio, and the only interesting thing about Bill’s Instagram feed. Hank is a grumpy old man who likes to tell the other dogs to keep quiet so he can sleep in peace. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Belle. According to Bill (who say’s she is not in fact named after him), she is “some kind of miniature Chinese thingy.” Her claim to fame is her ability to tirelessly spin in circles.

Don’t like dogs? No worries. We’re a dog friendly studio, but they don't have to come to every shoot. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll kennel our four-legged crew.