lisa barber

Lisa is my wife, she's wonderful. She's the incredible food and prop stylist on all Pea's, Love and Yorkshire Pudding site.

The beautiful Lisa Barber and Boo and Finnegan

The beautiful Lisa Barber and Boo and Finnegan

Lisa Baber

Lisa splits her time between her corporate gig (meeting with groups of all sizes and craziness), her stylist gig (shopping, prepping and cooking for food shoots), and her girlfriend gig (she has inexplicably agreed to marry Alistair). Ask her sometime which one gives her the most pleasure. Just make sure Alistair is not within earshot.

While she does have an MBA, most of Lisa’s important education has been self taught. She is an avid cook, loves design and has even learned enough psychology to help keep Alistair calm. For all extents and purposes she is the yin to his yang.

Lisa’s typical day includes prepping food for a shoot and then waiting. And waiting. And waiting for Alistair to stop playing bubble pop on his phone and come press a button on his camera. Which, according to her, is all he has to do because she has a knack for preparing just the right vignette that looks like it was just naturally placed that way.

An avid researcher, Lisa loves preparing mood boards for every item to be shot and finding ways to do things in ways that haven’t been done before. She is on a first name basis with her librarian and knows enough French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese to order food and booze and not get her face slapped or suffer dirty looks for her absurd American accent. Her main language, though, is sarcasm. If you don’t speak it, perhaps it is better not to speak with her.

Lisa is completely invested in every project. To say she’s the woman behind the man is an understatement. Her goal at the end of each day is to create something new and wonderful. And to be able to share that goal with Alistair is what makes every shoot and every day a dream (albeit a bit warped, which is exactly the way she likes it).