alistair tutton

Alistair with Baxter and Finnegan

Alistair with Baxter and Finnegan

Alistair Tutton

If you’re looking for a food photographer, I might suggest you stop looking and give me a ring. Especially if you agree with me that the best photo shoots begin by asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers. By completing the front-end research we both understand what shots you really need, while still allowing for the kind of spontaneity that distinguishes the good images from the great.

But before you call let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat, shall we? I am an Englishman. I feel this is important to tell you before we speak to one another, as you may find yourself momentarily rendered speechless by my magnificent use of the Queen’s English. Please don’t be embarrassed. I am quite accustomed to dreamy-eyed, open-mouthed gazes.

I have been a professional photographer here in the colonies (states to you silly Yanks) since 2006. I first crossed the pond, and half the United States for that matter, in 1998 as part of a university exchange program. Just in case you are wondering, I not only finished university but I’ve even passed the quaint little quiz they call a citizenship test. So not only am I an official, card-carrying American, I now know more about this country than everyone who works for me—combined. 

Although I’m based out of Kansas City, I travel extensively throughout the United States for my clients and occasionally for myself. These wonderful clients include local, regional and nationals companies as well as global ad agencies.

[Admit it. You’ve been reading all of this as if it were voiced by Sean Connery or Austin Powers, haven’t you? Don’t be embarrassed. I read all of your emails as if they were narrated by Morgan Freeman and sometimes Melissa McCarthy.]

Speaking of food, if you have food you want photographed in a way that makes mouth’s salivate and tummy’s growl, you could do worse than this dapper little Englishman turned American.

Oh and don’t worry if I don’t answer the phone myself when you call. Anyone here at Alistair Tutton Photography would be thrilled to speak with you to learn more about your project. Granted their accents won’t be nearly as cool. But that’s not their fault.