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More Before and After Gems. 

This was a job we did for our friends out in Omaha, Nebraska. DLR Group designed the building and runs their firm in the top two floors. It’s an awesome looking building, and they’re awesome people.

The first image of the building square on was taken very early in the morning, and let me just say that the mosquitoes from Omaha must have found a bottle of anabolic steroids somewhere. It was my job to attract the bugs away from Alistair while he took the shots. I did alright, although one or two might have gotten by me. On the retouching end, I replaced the grass with some grass images we keep in stock just for such an occasion. The building was squared up, the cars were cloned out as well as a light pole right in front of the building, the tone was adjusted as well as a boost of saturation.

The second image had a lot of work to be done. The cars and the light pole right outside the window needed to be cloned out. The light pole took a little time because it crossed over a couple of buildings. The two vents in the floor had to come out. One of them went right under the chair which was fun to clone out. I adjusted the tone in the image as well.

The last shot was a doozy. Again, it was an early morning shot. The bugs were out and biting. Adam Wells from DLR had put out construction cones in the parking spaces the night before so cars wouldn’t be able to park on the street and obscure the view of the building. It worked well, but I think some people were slightly irritated by it. If only they could see the shot and realize the sacrifice they made to produce such an image. The cars in the before image were there when the cones were put out.  All of those cars had to be cloned out, all of the construction cones had to come out, three light poles were cloned out, and the grass was replaced.

This was a very cool project. Good looking building inside and out. 


Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Author: Adam Caselman

Retouching: Adam Caselman

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Client: DLR Group