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Sometimes I fall in love with outtakes - just totally in love with them. This is from a project that is all retouched and finished and you’ll be seeing a really cool tearsheet of the final ad soon. The brief was to crack an egg and take a photo of it. Luckily Shaun is really creative and wanted to crack a lot of eggs and have a lot of fun. So he brought about a hundred eggs…and an air rifle.

We started with cracking the egg and placing the cracked egg on set and trying all the different ways we could crack the egg and get different shell fragments, then playing with the yolk and then rotating the shell all over the place…god fun.

Next we got the air rifle and that was an enormous lesson in trial and error. Deciding to go for it armed with the words “Three…two…one…” we shot a lot of eggs (next time we’re going to get the auto-triggers and have less fun, but more images). My favorite moment was not having all the guards in place and getting a crotch full of yolk from shot number one as the egg exploding right in the direction of my pants. Joy. Anyhow, we pushed on and get some lovely images, of which I have posted my two favorites.

After the air rifle we decided to continue the theme of random destruction and went for a simple drop - lots of different velocities, and heights - and that was where the final client select came from - which will follow soon.


Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Client: Merck Animal Health

Agency: AdFarm

Art Direction: Shaun Crockett

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Retoucher: Adam Caselman