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Rock and Roll…finally…

We had a great photoshoot last year with the wonderful Kristen May of Fly Leaf for Revolver Magazine. We worked really hard with Kristen and her team of Simon Jackson and Chanel Jezek for the hair and styling and also with Jimmy Hubbard over at Revolver to ensure we got a fantastic style that would be absolutely 100% her for the final image. The lighting I wanted to use would emulate her appearance on stage with a spotlight giving some sharp contrast on her face while we got soft light in for the fill and the red highlight to emulate our great curtains at the Vox.

I added a bonus outtake showing off one of Kristen’s damn fine tattoos. Great folk to work with, and a lovely wrap photo to boot.

- Alistair


Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Talent: Kristen May, Lead Singer of Fly Leaf

Hair: Simon Jackson

Styling: Chanel Jezek

Art Direction: Jimmy Hubbard

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Retoucher: Adam Caselman

Client: Revolver Magazine