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I Make Beautiful Kids…

And it’s true…not of me of course, but of my wonderful friend Stephanie Malcy. It’s my luck to try and capture a bit of that beauty and I got a chance to do that this year when I went to visit Minneapolis and visit some of it’s wonderful agencies. Stephanie relocated with her husband Jay and her expanding family a few years ago and has always been a fantastic supporter of mine - particularly in designing my incredibly wonderful branding (both round one and two). So when I was on my trip I went by with a camera and forced her to let me take a couple of photos, ironically Merik (her eldest boy) has always been a staple in my portfolio (thanks Amanda Sosa Stone). This time it’s Ryah I’m in love with. 

So what’s better - colour or black and white?

Oh, and here’s Merik, being a little goofy.