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One Year and a Bit On...with a Shiny New Look

I’m sorry - this last year was a little bit eventful and I kinda lost track of blogging. So, let me see if I can bring this blog back up to speed.

First off let’s talk about the studio; I know that’s pretty much all I ever talk about, but it’s been a pretty eventful experience and one that has been exceptionally rewarding. As we started wrapping up the final touches (for now) on the front door I wanted to share some before and after shots with you:

As you can tell the interior and the exterior is finally getting to a point when I can have a day off! The other big news for last year was the photography - basically it rocked. Overall I ended up with my best year ever, worked with some great new clients, delivered some fantastic images to my lovely existing clients and really had a blast. The plan is to start showing those images off on the blog over the next few weeks so I can share it with you.

Last but not least, after almost fourteen years, I was finally eligible for and passed my citizenship exam. This means that sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be swearing in and then we’ll have a party. A big party.

Credits for all:
Vox Theatre
Springboard Creative
Yoakum Photography
Morgan Jacobs Contracting
Nichole Evans
Stephanie Malcy
Jeff Berney
Sol’s Glass
Prairie Cube
Deco Catering
To all the many, many volunteers, wonderful clients, fantastic assistants…
…and of course my beautiful, wonderful wife, Angela - she’s awesome don’t you know.