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Oh boy, it’s a party now! This was a fun shoot we did in the studio of a Johnnie Walker “Red Label” bottle, and a rocks glass. All we’re missing are some whiskey stones. We played around with different light modifiers at different angles to get the look we wanted on the label. We did the same thing with the rocks glass. 

In post, I blended the different comps with the different light angles in, and gave the label a little bit of a punch with a curves layer. I took out the outline of the Johnnie sticker on the front, and I took out the rear reflection in the glass. There were some rainbow artifacts in the glass, so I desaturated every part of the glass that didn’t have a whiskey color in it. Speaking of whiskey color, I matched the whiskey colors in the glass and in the bottle to each other. There was a little more reflection than we wanted, so I feathered in some black to cut down on some of that reflection. 

I’m a big fan of this shot. It just seems to pop off of the screen, which I would be alright with if it actually did. Who else needs a glass? I can’t drink alone.

- Adam

This is a shot Adam and I have been working on for a while - capturing perfect glass - a beautiful outline showing the shape of the glass and a mixture of highlights on the glassware - the soft broad highlight on the glass and the sharp line that runs down the side of the bottle. All this with the spot light on the label with plenty of fall-off and the backlit bottle to bring out the color of the beverage. Overall we did about six shots with a whole series of different highlights and modifiers to form the final composite.

I love tinkering like this in studio - always a good time.

- Alistair


Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Retoucher: Adam Caselman