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I love Chinese Food.

I always love food shoots…so when I heard we were going to shoot for Ling Ling I had visions of endless spring rolls and potstickers. Of course we wound up shooting the packaging and it was only filled with packing peanuts! Typical bait and switch by my friend Brian - just kidding.

I really enjoy shooting packaging; typically it’s a relatively simple shoot just working to ensure that the colors are perfect to the clients colors and their is not a spot of glare anywhere, unless it’s intended. This turned out to be a trickier shoot than we anticipated as the bags were incredibly reflective and very tricky to straighten out and arrange to get shape and minimize the glare. But we fought and won! We worked hard to pick our hero and then fluff them for the perfect balance of legibility on the actual packaging and a sense of how packed full of product they would be. 

Apparently if you click on the Ling Ling link you’ll see the images in action right now on their website.


Client: Ling Ling

Art Director: Brian De La Torre

Photographer: Alistair Tutton

Assistant: Adam Caselman

Retoucher: Adam Caselman