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Email Marketing Is It a Reach Out or Just A Reach Around?

A recent episode of poor email marketing execution by a New York photographer - who we will not name here as he’s already received his fill of hate mail I’m sure - created quite the stir this week about email marketing etiquette. While this example appears to have been a technical glitch the barrage of emails sent to promote various vendors, products and services is beginning to become exhausting. It seems to be creating a constant white noise in our in boxes that I fear people are ignoring on a daily basis. So what is a photographer, designer, printer or other service provider to do in order to break through all this white noise and get noticed by those we want to reach to work with the kinds of people we want to work with and do the projects we know we can kick ass at?

This is where we reach out to you to start a dialogue between those we want to reach art buyers, art directors, creative directors, marketing directors and all other job titles that fit the role and us - the photographer, the printer, the designer, the freelancer, the ‘insert vendor relationship here’.

What is your opinion of the emails your receive?

Which ones actually make you take a moment to open - and why?

If all email is just an annoyance and intrusion to your day how would you like to be communicated with in regards to resources that you need to source to get your projects completed?

We all have to work together to get projects completed for our clients so let’s try to start with our initial contact by creating a mutually beneficial relationship that works for both sides instead of assuming that we know what you want or how you like to receive information we are asking you to tell us. Share your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, request, comments or concerns with us here.