adam caselman

Adam Caselman

Adam is one of Alistair’s talented secret weapons. He’s an AB positive, brown-eyed, dubstep-loving ginger (sorry, ladies, he’s married).

Although Adam appears constantly chill, he rarely sits still. One day he is playing the part of retoucher, another he’s Alistair’s photo assistant, courier, handyman or prop selector. In fact, there’s not much around here he doesn’t do apart from actually taking pictures (he needs to leave something for Alistair to do after all).

Adam holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Missouri where he majored in photography and where he currently teaches classes two to three days week. He began his career at Alistair Tutton Photography right out of college. He worked for Alistair for two years and traveled all over the country with him before leaving to teach full time. He swears it is not at all related to the time he saw Alistair in his boxers during business trips. After teaching full time for a bit, Alistair again lured him back to the dark side.

When not in the studio, Adam is a craft brewer. We would never say he has a problem, but he proudly proclaims (to complete strangers even) that he has personally sampled close to 300 beers. And he has the app to prove it. He also enjoys binge watching shows and singing Karaoke with his wife (whom he met a childhood summer camp), and staring in awe at his one-year-old son.

If he could, he’d ride around the country on a motorcycle taking pictures as he went. Until then, he’ll be here to offer you a good beer and even better photos.